Out To Dry

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The British High Street, the very centre of traditional town and village life across the country is disappearing. Shop keepers blame falling numbers of customers and business owners blame a rise in rents and rates. And according to the Confederation of British Industry, the gloomy situation on England’s high streets isn’t expected to improve. Click on this link… Read more »

Insight into Brian Storm’s MediaStorm

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This week at Newsroom360 we were visited by Brian Storm. Storm cut his teeth in MSNBC and Corbis before starting his own production company. MediaStorm works with journalists for a variety of news organisations, NGO’s and charities. Its style is longer form, non-perishable, universal stories with high production values. Although the films have beginnings in… Read more »

Radio Womad gets Mashed

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Continuing my experiments with mobile journalism, this weekend I embedded myself at Womad Festival with the onsite radio team. I used last year’s project with Shambala as a template for my activity. The live blog in particular carried through similar elements, including a mobile friendly blog and distribution techniques – but there were differences, as… Read more »

Proving Ourselves In A Field – Mashed Festivals At Shambala

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Since October last year I’ve been researching and developing my idea of bringing Mobile Journalism to Music Festivals. As festival season kicked off the website started to take shape. With help from Caroline Beavon, a few early experiments in uploading and curating content took place at Glastonbury, Sudoeste in Portugal and Off The Cuff in… Read more »

Why stay on the ‘side?

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Putting the Created In Birmingham shop in the Bullring in the centre of Birmingham means that we’re proud of our art. A bug bear I have about Birmingham is creativity occurs on the fringes of the city, and often this can make us appear self deprecating. It’s almost as if were embarrassed by our artists… Read more »

Home Of Metal audio and mapping

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I’m fascinated by the capabilities of Geolocation so I decided as part of my multimedia portfolio I’d play around with some audio which was recorded on a Home Of Metal tour, hosted by Chris Phipps in March 2009.

To Vimeo Or Not To Vimeo

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For my first Multimedia Assignment I’m experimenting with video. But even putting out short chunked segments takes a while to edit, and even longer to upload. In my Production Lab work there’s been a lot of discussion about which platform is better, Vimeo or YouTube. Certainly from a time perspective, YouTube is much quicker to… Read more »

Enhancing My Silver Skins Podcast

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When I started producing my Silver Skins podcast, I was often asked whether I’d cleared the music copyright. My argument was far from comprehensive, usually involving an explanation that I always talk over the beginning and end of my tracks in traditional ‘Radio 1 Top 40’ style. I also mumbled that much of my music… Read more »