Suuns are back and “It feels like a crazy slap in the face”

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Throughout the interview, life is condensed and pushed across the Atlantic – traffic grinds by as car horns congregate, children goad for attention and the phone buttons are accidentally pressed, the signal drops, echoes and distorts. These bursts disrupt the conversation like Suuns music: the drone and hum of technology of modern living with surprising sounds taking them in new directions. Breaking forms, reshuffling order.

WOMAD 2014: ‘The friendliest and most open event anyone could wish to attend’

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Review originally published on Virtual Festivals Since its creation by the prog-rock primate playing Peter Gabriel, it’s often wrongly assumed that WOMAD Festival’s rosta follows similar narrowly defined white lines. In fact, it can be the friendliest and most open event anyone could wish to attend. This mix of goodwill, genuine enthusiasm and passion spills… Read more »

Trip to Interzone: a Burroughsian interview with Guerilla Zoo’s James Elphick

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Guerilla Zoo have incited Interzone before, the immersive performance with music, film and art thrown together to create an exploded Burroughs bubble, that has the blessing of his estate. After listening to Burroughs’ distinctive hardboiled drawl in spoken word readings all morning, I interviewed James Elphick. Apologies if some of Bull Lee has worked its way into the interrogation, it’s a habit that’s near impossible to kick…

Bookmarks for November 15th to December 4th

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These are my links from November 15th to December 4th: Finding Your CSS Styles « WordPress Codex – Creating your own Page Templates | Josh Leuze – Template Hierarchy « WordPress Codex – Interlude – Interactive Video – Video platform behind the Bob Dylan interactive A look inside the Wall Street Journal’s video app toolbox… Read more »

Bookmarks for November 15th from 10:19 to 11:12

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These are my links for November 15th from 10:19 to 11:12: Tweeting the typhoon: Social media judgement for newsrooms | Media news | – New York Post launches new website – all on WordPress – GeoGuessr – Let’s explore the world! – Incredible High-Resolution Interactive Map of the World’s Shrinking Forests – Wired Science… Read more »

Bookmarks for October 21st to November 1st

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These are my links from October 21st to November 1st: Page Builder Plugin | SiteOrigin – Really easy drag and drop page layout Beyond the Pie Chart: New Tool for Creating Data Visualizations – 10,000 Words – 9 tools for journalists to produce immersive stories | Media news | – How to get past… Read more »

Bookmarks for September 11th to October 21st

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These are my links from September 11th to October 21st: 3 Journalism-y Things You Should Add to Your Reading List – 10,000 Words – A 17-Minute Film Set Entirely On A Teen’s Computer Screen | Co.Create | creativity + culture + commerce – Create a Cool Website with Fancy Scrolling Effects – Using Javascript to… Read more »

Creating responsive news stories with Webflow

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Life in Lake Vostok on Webflow

This browser based application which allows you to visually design responsive websites came out of Beta in August this year. Instead of having to know HTML or rely on a desktop based webdesign software such as Dreamweaver, Webflow allows you to drag and drop the main elements of a website into a canvas area and… Read more »

Bookmarks for August 6th to September 11th

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These are my links from August 6th to September 11th: A scientific guide to writing great headlines on Twitter, Facebook and your Blog – The Buffer Blog – Very compehensive guide to what works best in digital Getting Started with Evernote Food | Evernote – Intriguing little app from Evernote eager to download and play… Read more »