Making Our Presence Known #intheroom

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According to Paul Murphy from The Destroyers one of the reasons why we missed out on the European Capital Of Culture award was that when the judges visited the city no-one on the ground cared about either the award or the cultural ongoings. Listen! The traditional perception with Birmingham is that we do plenty of… Read more »

Starting Spaghetti Junctions

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Since last semester I’ve been thinking about designing a game called Spaghetti Junctions. Following a few experiments in other areas, including trying to wrangle with Ruby On Rails, I’ve finally bitten the bullet and attempted to get a prototype running on WordPress. I’ve adapted the platform for my needs, without much technical knowledge. Credit for… Read more »

The Final Stretch

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For my MA Online Journalism assignment I chose to focus cycling, I tried to map some cycle data but then realised I was losing my audience. In the second phase I got back on track but still wanted to do good with my data. Especially when I noticed that my Birmingham Cycle Map had received… Read more »

Knowing Me Knowing You

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Just before Christmas, I was invited by Capsule to talk at their first KMKY event in association with Created In Birmingham. I’ve just found the audio on my dictaphone today so thought I’d put my talk online for you. You can right click ‘save target’ for the MP3 here or you can listen to it… Read more »