Journalism Tech Review: ipadio

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Originally posted on the Newsroom 360 website, I’ve decided to post the series on my blog starting with the most recent first. History The fact that this app’s name is pronounced I-pay-dio gives some clue to its origins. Long before the iPad was even a glint in Steve Jobs’ retina this tool was originally created… Read more »

Finding My Cycle Route

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This is the second part of my assignment for my MA in Online Journalism. In the first part I explained how I was determined to graphically represent my data but as I read through Birmingham Cyclist Blog’s noticeboard I felt I was losing contact with the community and the story.

Apple v Windows debate comes home

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Yesterday morning my wife’s 3g iPhone arrived and it stirred mixed feelings in me. Like my strange mongrel approach to music, I don’t side with either camp in a cod Mitchell-and-Webb-style. As a journalist who surfed the ‘desktop publishing revolution’ I’ve worked with both. And both have annoyed me. My wife bought a G4 laptop… Read more »