Creating responsive news stories with Webflow

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Life in Lake Vostok on Webflow

This browser based application which allows you to visually design responsive websites came out of Beta in August this year. Instead of having to know HTML or rely on a desktop based webdesign software such as Dreamweaver, Webflow allows you to drag and drop the main elements of a website into a canvas area and… Read more »

Putting together slick multimedia packages with Videolicious

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Screen shot 2013-06-13 at 11.49.38 AM

The iOS app Videolicious was launched a couple of years ago with the idea of allowing you to quickly create multimedia stories on-the-hoof. Last week journalism and technology website Poynter revealed The Washington Post asks journalists without multimedia backgrounds, to use the app. How it helps you This app is great for putting together quick packages whilst… Read more »

Replicating Snow Fall without copying: experimenting with ScrollKit

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The New York Times’ Snow Fall project, an interactive story requiring the reader to ‘scroll’ through a range of multimedia, had such a profound effect executive editor Jill Abramson claimed it became a verb in newsrooms with “all desks” trying to create something similar. Last week on Medium, Cody Brown laid claim to doing just that using Scroll Kit, a startup designed to streamline this process. Brown bragged that although the Snow Fall project took NYT “months to design”, his only took a “few hours to recreate”. His Snowfall how-to video and template have since been removed from Scroll Kit, but the fact remains that this is a powerful open-source web app.

Ken Blake’s Excel Data Journalism Videos reviewed (and annotated)

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Data Journalism website graphic

I downloaded Dr Blake’s datasets for Introducing Excel and Rates ranks and filters in Excel then I loaded the videos into (reviewed here last week). You can take a look at the timecoded notes here for Introducing Excel and Rates, ranks and filters from here. I also let Dr Blake know I was going to do this and he plans to supply these notes for all of his videos in the next few weeks.

VideoNotes – adding timecoded notes that are integrated with Google Drive

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One good thing about this application is that the notes are timecoded, so when you click through them it will take you to the right place in the video. This is particularly useful in conjunction with the YouTube’s own timecoded embeds. So, for example if the main focus of your article was the impact of Nate Silver on Data Journalism you could run the discussion from this point. The other great feature of this application is that it stores the information on Google Drive, so you can collaborate on note taking.

Journalism Tech Review: FiRE

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Many apps have been developed to enhance smartphones’ often impressive audio recording ability but FiRe was the first to really attempt to be a professional field recorder. Initially launched on the iPhone (at a pretty high price of £3.99) it did prove to be very reliable so much so that many commercial radio stations (including… Read more »

Journalism Tech Review: IFTTT

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If This Then That (IFTTT) launched in September 2011 promising to be the “gaffer tape that holds the internet together”. This means various social media, cloud archives and even physical internet enabled products (a full list of channels here) can be connected together with simple instructions and without learning code. In practice Automated online activity… Read more »