I am Dan Davies and have given myself a 23 suffix due to the ubiquitous nature of Dans (damn you homonymns!) and Davies (damn you Welsh heritage!) on the internet. I have other reasons for 23, largely due to reading way too much Robert Anton Wilson/William S. Burroughs as a teenager.

23 has been pretty good to me, I founded a company called Blow 23 Ltd (largely because we couldn’t register the name Blow Me Ltd with Companies House) and we produced a magazine called Blowback which always used to feature an enigmatic image on page 23. And last year I got married thanks to the number. Aged 32.

Last year was a big year for me in other ways. I was made redundant from my job as East Midlands Arts Editor of Metro Life and started an MA on Online Journalism at BCU.

I’m loving it and learning quickly. This rough and ready actual blog (as opposed to the online archive I’ve created before) is tracking my journey through the course. And through my life in general.


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