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These are my links from June 27th to July 2nd:

  • With “Connected Apps,” Foursquare Firms Its Position As The Social Network For Places | TechCrunch – Eat This, Not That – From Men’s Health Mag, Eat This, Not That tells you what dishes to order and what to avoid at restaurants when you check in

    Untappd – Shows recommendations from friends and others on which beer to order, and easily check-in to beers from within foursquare

    Sonar – Informs you of your connections to interesting people nearby

    Soundtracking – Share and discover songs your friends have shared at a place

    Snoball – Trigger charity donations when you check in, and tells you about friends’ donations
    Foodspotting – Share and get recommendations on which dishes to order
    GroupMe – Makes it easier to share your check-in with a group of friends on GroupMe

    Blue Legends – Notifies you when
    you earn extra rewards for checking into Lufthansa venues
    Instagram – Share your Instagram photos on foursquare, which friends can see and tap through to the Instagram app
    Path – Share photos and text from Path, which tap through to the Path app
    The Weather Channel – Get the weather foreca

  • How Google+ Has Morphed Over The Past Year & What We Can Expect in 2013
  • The future of data journalism | News & Analysis | Data Driven Journalism
  • Local news crisis: it’s not too late for publishers to implement radical ideas | Media | – Today's extract from What do we mean by local?* is by Neil Fowler, a former regional daily newspaper editor – four times over – who also spent a stint in Canada as publisher of the Toronto Sun. He is now director of creative and content at Headlines Corporate News.

    As a Guardian research fellow at Nuffield college Oxford, he investigated the decline of local and regional papers. Following the publication of his report, he wrote about it for Media Guardian in November last year.

  • Why the NYT-Flipboard deal is a smart move — Tech News and Analysis – Interesting article which points out that whilst NYT might not make much money from this deal they will be able to get data on what readers want and where.