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We’ve been thinking recently about installing some facilities for streaming shows at Village Underground. My first three month catch up meeting at VU (slideshow to follow) led to us discussing the possibilities of starting a small radio station or video streaming studio.

In the mean time we’ve been trying out different alliances including Boiler Room through to [email protected] whose live stream of Layo and Bushwacka’s Shake It! event had 22,000 views. Speed of delivery and exclusivity still have a real value and offering something instantly and live (even with prerecorded elements) can have a huge international audience. Until we get the tools to do this well the best we can do is good partnerships with respected titles with established audiences.

Mixmag will be hosting several excellent nights at Village Underground over the next few months and this livestream with Acid House pioneer DJ Pierres was a dry run. I have to say it wasn’t live by 1:45AM when I went to bed last night but hopefully something will appear here.