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This is part of a series of articles and interviews on TheMediaBriefing this week ahead of our conference Mobile Media Strategies 2011 on June 14.

It may only be three months since we published Mobile Media Strategies for Media Owners but already there have been significant shifts in the digital publishing industry. As the author of the intelligence report Dominic Jacquesson mentions in this video, many of its predictions have come to pass.

Platform changes

Things are changing fast. Now Research in Motions’s Playbook tablet will run Android apps, Nokia is no longer producing new phones using its Symbian platform and is working with Microsoft. Apple still dominates with Android in second place but maybe Microsoft can surprise everyone.

Publisher re-imaginings

Many national newspapers are really shining on the app front. Jacquesson singles out the FT and New York Times as moving away from the traditional print news-cycle and the trappings of established workflow. Regional newspapers are also – slowly – grasping how they can improve their classified adverts and mine the rich geo-location vein that Patrick Smith mentioned in thus article.

According to Jacquesson, magazines haven’t changed enough and they’re still “locked in with the design departments”. He continues: “They need to get their web teams in there and innovate around proper functionality. Re-imagining what magazines should be like for the future.”

Price switches

With Hearst and Condé Nast picking up the Apple’s new subscription model there’s been some speculation that this might force app prices down. But interestingly Jacquesson thinks that the new deal might give stabilise prices. However, he warns if publishers develop for Android apps it could affect overall pricing – consumers who use Google expect most of their apps for free.

Jacquesson’s final message is clear. There are plenty of ways to make money but some real thinking needs to be done about innovating fast. If you don’t act now there will be a new tech company who will take your audience.

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