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For my first Multimedia Assignment I’m experimenting with video. But even putting out short chunked segments takes a while to edit, and even longer to upload. In my Production Lab work there’s been a lot of discussion about which platform is better, Vimeo or YouTube. Certainly from a time perspective, YouTube is much quicker to upload. It took me a few hours to get three three-minute clips up last night. With Vimeo I had to leave the first clip overnight, the second took two hours this morning to upload, and I’ve given up on the third after it kept on dropping out.

The thing is I know Vimeo is generally considered the better platform, especially for aesthetically sensitive designers but it appears my allocation only allows me to upload on HD package a week. And besides YouTube now offers unlimited HD. For standard Vimeo there’s a cap at 500Mb. Here’s the two clips together, see if you can really spot the difference. For extra fun play them together.