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It’s 7am now and I’m moving slowly into an acceptable time to be awake… however again this morning I’ve been woken up by my noisy neighbour. This is the seventh time in three weeks since she moved in and it’s driving me mad.

To hear me speaking about it in a frayed, rambling and borderline delirious manner click on the below boo.

I realise I’m not doing you any favours by revealing her identity but here are some facts:

  • She is in her mid-twenties
  • She is from Southmead in Bristol
  • She clatters around the house all times of the day, and plays her rubbish local radio too loud
  • She has a brutish boyfriend who she doesn’t get on well with
  • She laughs like a drain
  • I know I’m not in the best position to talk, but she clearly has no job
  • She appears to be an alcoholic
  • Her night time moods swing from partytime to argument to shouting that she doesn’t ‘Give a fuck’ at the top of her lungs
  • Her unacceptable hours are between midnight and 5:50am in the morning

As I explained in my boo, I’m looking for ways to resolve this. I’ve tried going round twice and being reasonable. I’ve written a letter and thrown it away and I’ve told my landlord.

Where do I go next?

  • orange_monkey

    Council to test noise pollution levels (although you can’t get a specific time for them to come around) and then the police. High levels of noise between 11pm and 7pm is considered anti-social behaviour. Do the call on a Monday or Tuesday night for maximum sympathy from the police and explain you have already tried to ask them to keep it down.

  • orange_monkey

    I obviously meant 7am there.

  • dandavies23

    That’s very helpful advice cheers. A plan is starting to form.

  • Tim Burke

    Are they students? My friend has a similar problem and has had support from De Montfort Univesity who have sent security guys round in the middle of the night. She has also gone to the private lettings agency. None of this has had immediate efect – well only very short term – but the pressure is being cranked up and they know they’re putting the tenancy at severe risk. Good luck.

  • Drake Scorpio

    Have you thought about using fire?

  • David Bowen

    it´s got to be the poice after 11pm.. there are rule n all and you´ve done yer best.
    the guy upstairs from us gets pretty loud n tor wakes up – we talked to him n he´s okay.
    that or punch em in the tits- slap em upside on the juffies.. sling their batons n slide off their grumblies.
    that´ll do it.

  • dandavies23

    Ironically Drake, she used fire herself a few weeks back. The smoke alarms were going off for about 20 minutes one day so I went round to see if everything was alright. She’d left two pans on the stove one of which had boiled dry and a chopping board was melting into it. Knocked on the door, no response… so someone called the fire brigade.

  • Drake Scorpio

    Just go big guns, kick up a massive fuss and call the police every single night. hopefully they’ll get so fed up with you that they’ll knock her off on the sly just to get some peace. Job done yeah?

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  • Ros Dodd

    Hi Dan,
    I’m a journalist, like you, and based in Bham. I’m planning an article on problem neighbours and wonder if I could use your experience as an example? If so, perhaps you could drop me an email with a phone number so I could give you a call?
    Many thanks,

  • dandavies23

    Hi Ros,

    I sent you my phone number by e-mail. Did you get it okay?

    I’d be happy to comment.


  • Ros Dodd

    Hi Dan,
    No, I didn’t get it. How annoying. Try [email protected] or give me a call on 442 6429.
    many thanks,

  • maria

    I can totally sympathise with this…i have a very similar situation. So far i have approached them aprox 3 times, i have contacted my local authority, i have recorded the noise on my phone and i have kept a diary of the noise. This week i have written a letter of complaint to the neighbours and have had no response so far. My next step is the contact the police.
    Mayeb try what i have and see if you get any better results.

  • dandavies23

    Hi Maria,

    I approached them about 3 times. Called their landlord and also spoke to mine. I think the continual pressure did help and now, thankfully she’s moved out. Keep it up. I hope it improves.

  • Jules

    She’s back.
    I phoned the police, they came and left, she carried on being noisy.
    I’ve just logged ‘the incident’ with Birmingham Council’s ASBO unit. If this doesn’t help, I’m speaking to Drake!