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I post this morning about my noisy neighbours. Well encouraged by some of your comments me and the wife went round. I edited the audio as it was windy and got a bit boring and repetitive.


Here’s the same argument in Boo form

A few things occurred to me:

  • She’s a fucking Levellers fan but clearly has never listened to the lyrics from 15 Years.
  • After denying that she was ever in the house we were able to get her to admit to disturbing us at least seven times.
  • After claiming the noise wasn’t her, she admitted it probably was
  • She also admitted that making a noise, particularly in the week was a pain, and acknowledged we were upset.
  • She claims to be “young and that’s what young people are like” but listens to The Levellers

We asked her to keep the noise down between 11 and 7am. If she does it at the weekend we will “buzz” her flat if it’s disturbing us. We will take this further if the situation continues. Probably the way of Orange_Monkey, not Drake Scorpio (yet)

Thanks for all of your suggestions, violent and non-violent alike. If there’s any psychologists reading this who can analyse how successful this argument was then I’d love to hear what you thought!

Here’s that Levellers song: