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iPhone multi tasking

Yesterday morning my wife’s 3g iPhone arrived and it stirred mixed feelings in me.

Like my strange mongrel approach to music, I don’t side with either camp in a cod Mitchell-and-Webb-style. As a journalist who surfed the ‘desktop publishing revolution’ I’ve worked with both. And both have annoyed me.

My wife bought a G4 laptop last year, it was a nice bit of kit but its expense made me (and the wife) worry about taking it out and about, so I went for a Dell netbook. I was late getting an iPod, choosing instead to get more phone memory and put everything on my Sony Ericsson.

It was only when we were flying back from San Francisco after “The Drive Of Your Life” that I succumbed and got two – from a vending machine in the airport!

So, two weeks ago Vodafone offered me a HTC Tattoo, a nifty little Android which I’m really enjoying. This is my first blog from it.

On Thursday Jules drops the iPhone bomb. I can’t deny it is a thing of ‘ubiquitous’ beauty and plenty of people have pored over this fact.

However, my Android has plenty of advantages – not least its easy integration with all things Google. It fits really nicely in my hand and feels sturdier. I won’t worry about damaging it.

So Jules suffixed her iPhone delight with “you can buy an iPad if you like”.


Maybe I’ll hold out for the Mag+ which looks much more durable and hopefully a touch cheaper.