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After a long day at Hello Digital I went over to Aston University to listen to a talk by Dr Ben Goldacre of Bad Science fame.

Although the title of the lecture was ‘When Journalists Kill’ it was a suitably freewheeling, humourous and passionate talk which spiralled on for 40 minutes beyond the allocated time. His general theme was how poor reporting, based on misinformation and poor investigation is extremely dangerous. Along the way various cod scientists, nutritionists and new agers get suitably lampooned!

Ben has asked me not to publish the recording, at least until he’s finished touring it. He’s more than happy to do an interview with me, so keep an eye out for that! In the mean time he’s given me permission to steal this 2007 Brighton Science Festival recording from his site. Download it by right clicking here or play it below.

[audio:] Ben Goldacre