9 thoughts on “Talk About Local 09”

  1. Thanks Dan – You’ve helped me to ‘visit’ the workshops I missed on the day.

    I probably knew I would find out what happened in the #TAL09 workshops that I didn’t attend via Twitter signposting me to the blogosphere. But it’s good to see it happening so soon.



  2. Hi Dan

    Great to meet you and chat on Saturday, sounds like you got a lot out of the day (as we did) and your summing up of the sessions I was in sound very accurate!

    If you have audio of our discussion on participation/comments etc. I’d love to get a copy if that’s possible? I’m bound to have missed some interesting points in my notes!

  3. Ta da! I’ve added the audio from Session 3 with WV11 comments, James. It’s a bit raw… but it’s okay

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