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  • Hi Dan,

    Thanks for mentioning Blog Preston/Blog Local. Glad you enjoyed the day and it was good to talk.

    I’ve posted what I got from TAL09: http://www.edwalker.net/blog/2009/10/04/talk-about-local-unconference-2009-oatcakes-community-media-and-hope/

    Will be in touch soon!


  • countculture

    Good round-up.

    Just to let you know there’s a bit of an error with the link to OpenlyLocal.com– it’s showing up as http://dand23.wordpress.com/2009/10/04/talk-about-local-09/www.openlylocal.com

  • Cheers for the comment, nice piece too.

    Thanks for the heads up on the broken links Count, all fixed now.

  • rayduff

    Thanks Dan – You’ve helped me to ‘visit’ the workshops I missed on the day.

    I probably knew I would find out what happened in the #TAL09 workshops that I didn’t attend via Twitter signposting me to the blogosphere. But it’s good to see it happening so soon.



  • Thanks Ray,

    Would be great to get the low down on what you saw!

  • Hi Dan, thanks for your post. Fortunately you were there, instead I completely forgot this event…no comment! ;-)))

  • Hi Dan

    Great to meet you and chat on Saturday, sounds like you got a lot out of the day (as we did) and your summing up of the sessions I was in sound very accurate!

    If you have audio of our discussion on participation/comments etc. I’d love to get a copy if that’s possible? I’m bound to have missed some interesting points in my notes!

  • admin

    Ta da! I’ve added the audio from Session 3 with WV11 comments, James. It’s a bit raw… but it’s okay